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Established in Beirut, Lebanon in 1973 by Nabil F. Azar, BDC has offered its consultancy services in several regions & countries, namely: Lebanon, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Bahrain, Jordan, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Hungary and Ethiopia.

In its 49 years, BDC has designed & completed over 400 projects with diverse programs, typologies and sectors:

  • Commercial – including office towers, mixed-use commercial/office buildings, banks, shopping centers and boutiques.
  • Cultural – including museums, exhibit halls, libraries, diverse religious edifices and public plazas.
  • Educational – including universities, schools, kindergartens, educational and conference centers.
  • Governmental – including parliaments & offices, municipalities, town halls, justice halls, governmental residences and other.
  • Healthcare – including hospitals, clinics, laboratories, healthcare educational facilities, physical re-education and rehabilitation centers.
  • Residential – including high-rise towers, apartment buildings, housing complexes, private residences, villas and palaces.
  • Touristic & Hospitality – including hotels, serviced apartments, beach resorts, touristic complexes, spas and restaurants.

Clients range from governments, to royal families, public institutions, private establishments & individuals, universities, developers, contractors, to international groups & local businesses. BDC’s track record of continuous professionalism and dedication has led to several important return clients, especially institutions (such as the American University of Beirut and the University of Balamand), the Lebanese government and the royal families of the KSA.

BDC offer a wide-range of services in:

  • Architecture design,
  • Interior design,
  • Landscape design,
  • Renovation & restoration design,
  • Structural engineering,
  • Civil engineering,
  • Seismic engineering,
  • Electrical engineering,
  • Telecommunication engineering,
  • BMS Design engineering,
  • Plumbing engineering,
  • Mechanical engineering,
  • Fire-fighting engineering, as well as
  • Bills of Quantities & Specifications,
  • Supervision of site construction,
  • Project management,
  • Real estate consulting.

BDC’s technical team consists of highly qualified architects, designers, planners, and structural, electrical, mechanical and site engineers.

In 2008, BDC diversified its services in order to support our clients from their first steps in real estate investment projects, all the way up to the handing over of these projects.
With the creation of a new department for project feasibilities and project management, who’s role consists of the survey of real estate and construction markets (to determine needs), the establishment of the most effective strategies, and the preparation of financial feasibilities, we offer our clients the most profitable real estate opportunities in their respective markets.
The second very critical role of this department is the management of design and construction projects through the establishment of a work methodology and control procedures for every stage of a project, which allows us to ensure to our clients the scheduling, quality and cost of projects.

In 2010, BDC received the “Honor Award for Design Excellence” by the Boston Society of Architects, for the Suliman S. Olayan School of Business project at the American University of Beirut.

Members of the firm operate as a harmonious team organized around successful relationships that have been developed over working together on complex projects. The practice’s experience leads to a collective vision of an architecture concerned with people, context, climate, environment and culture.

Nabil F. Azar

CEO, Principal Architect

An award-winning architect with an unending passion for architecture, Nabil is the founder, principal architect, and beating heart of BDC.

Fawzi N. Azar

COO, Senior Architect

Entrepreneurial, forward-thinking and versatile, with a B.Arch from AUB & MBA from INSEAD, Fawzi is the innovation catalyst at BDC.

The F. W. Azar Architecture Award

The F. W. Azar Architecture Award was founded in memory of Fawzi Wehbe Azar, a man who had faith in the power of good education. 

We at BDC and the Azar family continue to strongly believe that higher education empowers young men and women and gives them the tools and skills to achieving their dreams – the award is meant to keep on encouraging that.

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